Turbo charged AI and ML

Bluecrest Software elevates your solutions with predictive analytics and generative AI derived inputs in the most seamless and cost efficient manner. Makeing it possible for you to actually realize benefits from your AI investments

AI services provider

Pioneering Excellence

Bluecrest Software Solutions is an industry leader in developing innovative AI, ML and SaaS solutions for over 20 years. Our expertise spans finance, retail and ecommerce verticals where we have delivered numerous successful projects.
finance technology

Unparalled Finance Expertise

We have developed award-winning AI financial data analysis and investment scoring algorithms that have been adopted by some of the leading exchanges of the world.

ecommerce solutions

Innovative Catalog Management

Our pathbreaking GenAI solution NPS (Natural Product Sense) for product and catalog management solution provides "common" sense solutions to a variety of day to day retail operations

AI Solutions

Product & Catalog Design 

Our NPS platform leverages proprietary generative algorithms to enable most advanced product design and fine grained categorization for various day to day decision making

ML Services

Boosting performance with ML

Our RFC machine learning services enhance planning accuracy by continuously learning from historical data and exceptions to improve demand sensing and inventory decisions.


Knowledge based Q&A

Bluecrest provides intelligent no code or custom solutions to understand and generate insights from your knowledge graphs 

AI and ML solutions elevate supply chains

Bluecrest leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to help to automate their procurement decisions be it product identification, vendor recommendations or even planning purchases.

supply dashboard
Dashboard Inbox

Bluecrest's AI-powered supply chain solutions beef up your dashboards with intelligent Call to Action cards. Treat your dashboard as Inbox and keep it clear ! 

Large retail focussed business house
AI Vendor Recommender

A leading DTH provider revamped its vendor recommendation system using the NPS powered AI solution developed by Bluecrest Software.

supply team meeting
Unsure where to start? 

Our team of experts is ready to partner with you to identify easily deployable AI assisted workflows for your day to day operations. Identify a POC and evaluate before commiting to a large investment.

Bluecrest's AI solutions have helped our company to build cutting edge technology platform that complements our retail management consultancy initiatives. Our clients are very happy with the product offering deployed

Santosh Thapa

Retail Expert, BlueOcean Consulting, Indonesia

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